Project CARS for the Wii U has finally been killed. Most of us knew this day would come, but we held out hope, thinking that maybe they would deliver, or that they would at least stay true to their words. Of course, it wasn't to be. For the weak-willed, honor is not a virtue. I planned on getting this game on day one, but good riddance. It started out as as an independent, crowdfunded game, but became a shitstorm of headlines involving foul-play. Nintendo and Wii U contributors who crowdfunded the game noticed that the whole thing started to stink. The deeper this thing got, the more rotten it got. Those who run Slightly Mad Studios are rotten cores inside of a rotting core, and their handling of Project CARS showed that. So typical is the story, "from nothing to something so fast." This is the reason I will buy none of their shit, ever, and the same reason why many others will do the same. I wish I could spit my rage in their face.
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Slightly Mad studios are fucking scumbags. Fucking traitors and back-stabbing rats. After the shit they pulled, I can't stand them. The only thing that separates these cons from thugs who rob people on the street is how they steal. These thieving bastards should be locked-up for extortion. What's the difference between Slightly Mad Studios and other extortionists? Nothing. What they have done strongly echoes extortion because they essentially offered protection of the Wii U version for release.

These motherfuckers were all in the Wii U with no talk of Xbox One or PlayStation 4, and barely any talk of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Back then, they were shoveling heaps of Wii U praise and thanking Wii U fans for their support. They can deny it all they want, and they can talk as much shit as they want about Nintendo fans, but the truth is that it was Nintendo fans who made this game even possible. Period. PlayStation and Xbox fans always get the games they want, so why would they crowdfund an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 game when it's really not necessary? Arguably, it was Nintendo fans and Wii U fans who crowdfunded this game and the developers took the money and ran. It's so obvious that these greedy fucks took the money and ran straight to Microsoft and Sony to make even more money. This isn't just about them not staying true to releasing a Wii U version; it's ultimately about bad business. Bad news travels faster than good news, and it will be no surprise if these cons aren't in business for long.


The bullshit these cons fed everyone is enraging. Those who remember well, remember that these guys were all about the Wii U, and gave it more praise than a lot of developers out there who actually supported it more. Ironic when we look at how Slightly Mad Studios stood behind none of what they said. Talking about how development was going well and how they would tap the Wii U's "hidden power" turned-out to be nothing more than deception. "Hidden power?" Apparently, they can't do shit because they didn't end-up accessing any of the Wii U
s power; say nothing about "hidden power" if they couldn't even use what was in front of them. This praise all turned to shit about the Wii U being "too much work" and "simply not powerful enough." Instead of justifying their turncoat strategies, all they did was show what a bunch of lazy fucks they are. They even went so far as telling that "Wii U is more than capable of providing the core Project CARS experience," and that "from our internal playing, it's looking extremely promising." This is in stark contrast to their recent reports of hardware problems and this and that other whiny bullshit. Their excuse in delaying the Wii U version was that they wanted to make it look "as good as" the other ones, and they "need a little more time," but that the Wii U version had "dynamic time of day, weather," and that "it looks phenomenal." They topped this all off by saying that "the actual console itself is quite good." Amazing how all of this points to them being balls-deep in development for the Wii U, yet they claim the Wii U was "always a maybe" when their bullshit was revealed.

They can say that they might make an NX game, or that will, or whatever, but none of that will change the fact that they robbed their supporters once before. Who would trust these swindlers after the shit they just pulled? I would have bought more than one version of this game (just like with Watchdogs), but now they don't get shit. I'll take the hit; I'd rather do without than give them a single dime. Fake fools like them are ruining the video games. Their deception lowers the morale of the game scene. Ultimately, they have no respect for an industry that Nintendo rebuilt (with the Nintendo Entertainment System)

...The Low"

Case in point, Watchdogs; a massive game everyone said couldn't be done on the Wii U. It was a game many tried to stop the release of. It was a game that had a controversial release. Thankfully, Ubisoft went forward with the game, staying true to their press releases about taking more time for optimization. Watchdogs is incredible on the Wii U. It's probably the best game on the hardware. Period. The game is huge, and it runs like a charm. Now, if Ubisoft can put an absolutely massive game like Watchdogs on the Wii U, others can accomplish similar feats. Look at Bayonetta 2 or Xenoblade Chronicles X. There's no fucking way "Project CARS" contains anywhere near the artistry of Bayonetta 2 or Xenoblade Chronicles X. There's no way it has the craft or the flash of Bayonetta 2 or Xenoblade Chronicles X. If that's not enough to convince staunch GameSpot trolls, then let's look at how just like the XBox One and PlayStation 4, the Wii U is running not only the transitional Modified Unreal Engine 3, but also the next-gen Unreal Engine 4. Yes, the proof is in the titles, which include Bloodstained (made by famed Castlevania creator Iga), and Red Goddess. Still, there are many other examples of multi-platform games across the Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, including (but not limited to), Trine 2 - Director's Cut, Trine - Enchanted Edition, Never Alone, Lone Survivor - The Director's Cut, and The Swapper. Project CARS could have been a truly next-gen multiplatform title that could have made a handsome profit in the Wii U market, but Slightly Mad Studios was lazy and took the easy way out with a cop-out...

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